Wednesday, October 19, 2016

We Lost a Few, But Gained a Good One

This past year has brought a lot of sadness. Too many funerals and too many sorrows. The most recent sorrow came with the passing of Jada, who'd been our furry companion for almost fourteen years. 

That dog had such a personality. She was a mixed breed, part American Eskimo and part Pomeranian/Terrier. She loved to sit by my feet during the day as I worked at my desk, she was a wonderful listener when I needed to read something aloud (a thing writers and editors have to do from time to time), and she loved to play ball whenever I was willing. My husband always found time. He'd run around the yard with her for a short while every night. 

Jada's favorite trick, one that took notice throughout the neighborhood among many children and adults, was her jumping skills. When my husband squirted the hose to shoot water high into the air, Jada (up until two years ago) could jump a good twelve feet to catch a drip or two in her mouth. She had everyone laughing.

But the last couple of months of her life, she was pretty slow at play time. In fact, most often, she would just go get the ball thrown for her and then sit there to rest for a while.
There was no doubt her days were numbered, but I didn't want to face it.

But we don't always get what we want. 

For two weeks I moped around the house. Can you believe how hard it was to get involved in my writing when no one was at my feet? I'm amazed at what a habit that had become. After she was gone, it just felt wrong in my office. Something was missing, and though I tried to tell myself I could still work, I couldn't get myself to actually do it.

But last week I gave in and decided that if I was going to be me at all again, I needed a furry friend. Hence, Teddy has entered our family.

He's delightful. He let us know his first night here that he does not sleep at the foot of the bed. He sleeps right between me and my husband.

Have a great day, and if you are writing, painting, sewing, or tapping at a calculator, enjoy it. We never know how many we get. :-)