Friday, May 19, 2017

It's Crafts/Art Show Season Again!

I work on my writing through the fall and winter, but come every spring and summer, my husband and I are busy not only with our yard, but with creating arts and crafts to tote to outdoor sales. I have to admit, I won't touch a wood saw. That's my husband's department. But I do the painting and add the finishing touches.

We just went to a show in Rochester, Minnesota, and we were swamped all day Saturday. It was probably good that Sunday was slow, because I was dragging after Saturday. Our next show will be in a few weeks--The Covered Bridge Arts and Crafts Show in Zumbrota, Minnesota. If any of you are in the area, you'll find me easily. I'll be the one sitting in a lawn chair while my husband chats and smiles. (Kidding.)

We also do some small hutches, jelly bins, vegetable bins and any size of trunk. We make these items with new wood but paint most of them to look old. My favorite planter we did had flowers painted on the front and a little humming bird enjoying them. Every planter we make is different, mainly because I can never remember exactly what I did to finish the others. This year, besides benches, planters, birdhouses and signs, we did a lot of barn doors and door screens, adding shelves, planters, or whatever we think of at the time. It's been fun. It also helps me get some reading done, since many items are done with layers of different colors of paint. I have to let each coat dry before applying the next, so I do that with a book in hand. :-)

How do you spend your summers? Any craft shows?