Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Guest Author Edith Parzefall on Panic! The book's about to be released!

Since November, Francene Stanley and I have been looking forward to the release of our co-written post-apocalyptic fantasy novel Wind Over Troubled Waters. When we signed the contract, the release was planned for 2013. Then Double Dragon Publishing surprised us by scheduling the release for May 2012.

I've been counting the weeks till the release with the four-week span: in 6-10 weeks, in 4-8 weeks... Of course, I always rather expected the later date. When 2-6 weeks arrived, the publisher informed us the book would be released in 1-2 weeks. Excitement and panic embraced each other for a crazed dance around my study.

I hadn't yet sifted through all those links on marketing, book review sites, etc. Not to mention the two ebooks on marketing still untouched on my e-reader. I usually love to be prepared well in advance, but I felt certain I had plenty of time. And marketing isn't exactly the most favorite task for a writer.

Also, after years of collecting rejections, persevering and slaving on, it still seemed a little surreal that finally the first book should be published. Suddenly we only had a week or two to sound the fanfares and beat the pots with wooden spoons. No idea how that happened! Well, I do have a suspicion. Such a mind-shift isn't easy when you've been shooed away for so long, then stare at open doors, friendly faces, and arms waving you in. Also in November last year, MuseItUp Publishing accepted my thriller Strays of Rio to be published in September this year. Or so I think. Maybe MuseItUp is going to sneak up on me as well, when I least expect it--shortly before the planned release. Still, by then I might have learned from the experience with Wind Over Troubled Waters. Or not. ;-)

If you see me flapping around the Internet in headless chicken mode the next few days or weeks, don't shoot me, please! The head might grow back. I sure hope so. There's this new novel I want to write and a brain certainly helps.

Um, excuse my rambling. I just located a sliver of gray matter and realized Debi usually likes guest bloggers to actually provide useful information, give advice and insights. Well, I provided an example above of what you shouldn't do: neglect marketing. And there's only one advice I have: If writing is your passion, never give up! Listen to what the shooing folks say, if they talk sense or talk at all, work hard on improving your work, and keep knocking on doors.

Wind Over Troubled Waters
by Francene Stanley & Edith Parzefall

Oh, and here's more free advice: Don’t be shy about advertising your books when the time comes. Be bold but subtle. I’m still working on that. So, go buy Wind Over Troubled Waters from the publisher, or from Amazon, write a review and post it everywhere. Why? Because we'd love that. :-D

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