Wednesday, November 29, 2017

7 ways to make your spouse or partner HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!

1. Fry two chickens instead of one. If it’s Southern fried, leftovers are always welcome.
2. Offer up homemade soup for a side dish, even if you have to buy it from a neighbor.

3. Bake (or buy and pretend you baked) cookies once a week and tell him/her she looks great.

4. Make (or order) a true gourmet feast at least once a month.

5. Let him/her eat as you talk, and pretend you think he or she is really listening.

6. Have a dish of fudge, peanut butter cups, or anise candy in each room. Yes, the bathroom too.

7. Ask him or her what he or she would like for supper, then be sure to call the delivery service in time.

Now, which one of these have you already tried?

Have a good day and happy feeding!


  1. Great list! Found #5 especially amusing, LOL. I don't have a partner, so I'm free to do none of these. :P

  2. Hm. Let's see... I live alone, but on rare occasions I've cooked meals for dates whom I've invited to my home.

    I'd have to go with #2, homemade soup. I have my own spicy chicken soup which I make almost every year, and I occasionally freeze some in plastic containers and give them to friends.

    As far as dates go, once I prepared a swordfish dinner for a woman, and before the meal I served onion soup that I'd made from scratch. It wasn't the traditional French kind, either, but a milk-based English recipe I'd found online. It went over quite well.

  3. I like all of those tips except the dish of candy in every room. I would eat it all myself.


  4. Happy and ready to be a candidate for a heart attack! LOL

  5. I like to cook. I don't think that's the only reason my husband loves me, but I suspect it helps.

  6. I don't have a partner, but I think all of these would be good! LOL!

  7. These are excellent tips and advice! Thank you for sharing!

  8. They all sound good. I don't cook much, so #5 works here. :)
    Pretense saves us from arguments ... so why not ...

  9. Funny! What do you do when they see the label on the box the cookies cam in?