Meet our book review columnist--Sue Ellis!

Sue Ellis embarrassed herself with an English class assignment in high school, writing a heartfelt story about a girl asking permission to go on her first date, and then having to read it aloud in front of the class. It wasn't until many years later that she learned her story had been subsequently used as an example of good story writing by Mrs. Meyers, her English teacher. Fast forward forty years or so—her children and grandchildren grown, typing skills honed from years of clerical work, and suddenly online literary magazines and writing groups made it possible to immerse herself in the
new realm of writing.

Sue is thrilled by every acceptance, learning (she hopes) from rejections, thankful for the influence of Mrs. Meyers, and still a lover of books. Her short story, A Calendar of Days, can be found here:

Arrowleaf balsamroot is a plant native to eastern Washington state. Sue snapped the photo last summer while hiking with her husband and Cleo, their twenty pound chihauhau/blue heeler mix, near their home in Spokane, Washington.


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