Monday, February 17, 2020

Early Spring or a Twisted Mind?


Reports state that the groundhog did not see his shadow this year; thus, we’ll be blessed with an early spring.
I think the sadistic brat lied. For all I know, the little devil was holding a red apple when he or she made the announcement.

There’s a meme on Facebook with the groundhog admitting he lied, but I’d hoped the post had been fabricated by someone trying to be funny, or cruel. After all, if the little bugger actually saw his shadow, we’d be stuck with another six weeks of winter. Even suggesting this may be our fate rings of cruelty, don’t you think?
And yet, here in the winter wonderland known as Minnesota, we’re going to be showered with a freezing rain this evening. What kind of early spring is that? Rain, yes; freezing, no!

Isn’t this sort of undeniable proof that the groundhog is guilty of: false advertising, cruelty against animals and the human race, and depraved indifference, resulting in who knows how many crimes­­ as extended winters force people into depression which can induce negative responses and actions.
I say we put that groundhog behind bars!
Any bounty hunters out there willing to catch the culprit? I’ll put up a $1 reward payable through PayPal immediately upon delivery.


  1. haha the overgrown rodent sure is a liar indeed.

  2. Please note that the traditions associated with Groundhog Day are mainly based on those in Europe surrounding the badger.

    People who had no meteorologists and who were completely dependent on the weather to grow crops so they wouldn't starve to death noticed that if the weather in early February, around Candlemas, was really bad, winter was "spending itself out" right then, and spring would come early.

    If the weather was beautiful, and the badger or groundhog or whatever creature could come out and see it's shadow, winter was going to come roaring back.

    This held true enough of the time that it became accepted as fact. What people forget is that it is local to you -- if your weather at that time is good, your area will get more winter, and if your weather at that time is awful, spring will come soon.

    The groundhog himself has had no part in the people of Punxsutawney, PA, billing their critter as the prognosticator for the whole country. He never claimed more than what the originators of the legend believed themselves, that it depends on where you live.

    Let's not blame the groundhog, he has no clue what the weather was like in your area and was only predicting for his place. It's his handlers who have blown it out of proportion!

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