Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Green Roses!

I keep a silk floral arrangement with big, beautiful roses in our garage, because it’s too beautiful not to keep. Moving into a smaller house doesn’t always mean you have the sense to get rid of excess. But that’s not the only reason I’ve hung onto this silk beauty. I plan to eventually paint a picture of that very arrangement. I love painting with oils, and during the unplanned solitude of the pandemic, I’ve enjoyed capturing on canvas the curves and colors of roses. It makes sense then that this specific arrangement should find its way to a canvas.


The problem is, along with a rosy pink and burgundy and yellow roses, there are some pale green roses. I want a realistic painting, yet I never heard of green roses before.

Solution: I studied the arrangement and tried to imagine what color to use instead of the green. After all, there will be enough green with the leaves. But the more I dissected the other tones in the arrangement, along with the background I wanted, the more I knew I needed that same pale green taking the same amount of space. Drat! I wanted to paint only real flowers.


That led me to look for a replacement green flower instead of roses, keeping only the pink, burgundy and yellow ones roses. Deciding that, I researched “green flowers in your garden.”


I couldn’t believe the many beautiful and truly green flowers there are—Daylilies, Bells of Ireland, hydrangeas, zinnias, and many more. You can even buy seeds at Etsy for planting green roses. You can see pictures and learn the meaning of green roses here:




I’m not sure when I’ll ever start that imagined painting of the roses (naturally a green rose would be the focal point), but I’m willing to bet there will be some green roses woven into one of my future stories.


Have a great day, and enjoy some flowers!


  1. It's astounding the number and types of flowers we've not heard of, and i can imagine they are all colors, too.

  2. Although I've never seen or even heard of green roses, considering nature's diverse palette, it makes sense. Now I am curious how you will weave green roses into a story.

  3. I'm taking care of a purple orchid for a friend who is out of town. The purple really comes out and it's absolutely gorgeous. If I could paint, I would paint this one. I've never seen or heard of green roses, but nature always surprise. Have fun painting. I'm sure you'll make something beautiful.

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